Why Vacuuming is Important

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The platform of any home or business is the flooring. It supports the working and living conditions you desire in everyday life. A clean floor not only creates a better atmosphere, but is necessary for the health and safety of your family or business associates.

Carpet Longevity

After a few years, that new carpeting can appear very old if not given the proper care. Regular vacuuming is the key to keeping carpets looking better longer. Sandpaper removes a little wood each time it is moved across a board. Dirt, sand and grit are the worst enemies of carpets and act the same way as sandpaper by damaging the carpet fibers with each footstep. The longer these contaminants are left on the floor, the shorter the life of the carpeting will be.

Health Factor

Carpets attract dirt and dust but also allergens and bacteria. Periodic professional cleaning is the only way to completely get rid of dangerous hazards, but regular vacuuming will extend the length of time between these urgent cleanings. Businesses with large amounts of customer traffic need daily care on their flooring to protect their investment as well as their clients’ health. Homes with elderly adults or small children need routine carpet care to prevent disease and sickness.

Clean carpets can help prevent costly medical bills and expensive flooring replacement by removing the enemies of carpeting. That’s why vacuuming is the best friend of carpets and you.


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