Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning: An Efficient and Effective Green Solution

Although there are many ways to clean a carpet, some methods are more effective than others. Without a doubt, low-moisture cleaning provides numerous advantages for industrial, commercial, and home flooring care. For many reasons, low-moisture methods are the most current trend.


Water Problems

Even today, floor covering washing methods still involve a surplus of water. However, excess amounts of water can result in wick-back or wicking, which is when soil that has not been cleared away rises to the surface of the flooring as it dries. In addition, excess water can cause problems such as stretching, uneven surface, damage to the adhesives, fast resoiling if still wet, very long drying times, and extra moisture in the pads or subfloor underneath.

Depending on the area of floor covering being cleaned, traditional steam washing uses 30 to 60 gallons of water. Low-moisture cleaning uses only 3 to 4 gallons and dries within 60 to 90 minutes, eliminating all possible water issues.


Saves Time and Money

Since less water is used, the floor covering dries quite fast and saves valuable time. No longer do you need to wait numerous hours or even days for the surface to dry. Also, less water eliminates the chance of mold or mildew from setting into the fibers, padding, and flooring, which would require additional cleaning.

This quick-drying method does not require doors or windows to be open during the entire washing and drying process. Neither do you need fans to accelerate drying times.

The low-moisture process will save on drying time and utility expenses  and avoid the additional expenses related to fixing the problems that can occur in steam cleanings.


Stays Clean Longer

Carpet or upholstery that is cleaned using low-moisture soil extraction will stay clean much longer. In addition, tough stains from paint, markers, or crayons are easily removed. This innovative, low-moisture green cleaning system will keep your flooring clean plus protect your investment.

Moreover, low-moisture soil extraction does not leave any detergent residue like other washing methods. Detergent residue can be a huge issue when it comes to keeping the flooring surface clean, because residue will attract soil to the fibers much more than usual. And if the fibers are still wet, it will collect excess dirt and need to be cleaned more often. Even worse, permanent stains are possible when you combine extra soil and a wet surface.

Low-moisture methods remove up to 99% of contaminants and harmful chemicals, keeping your employees, family, and guests safe. Furthermore, keeping your flooring clean can drastically improve the air quality in your home or business. According to numerous agencies, clean indoor air quality is paramount to optimum health.


An Efficient and Effective Green Solution

Ideal for both large and small jobs, low-moisture carpet cleaning is a highly desirable green solution that is both cost effective and extremely efficient. Not only does it use minimal water and save you time and money, the low-moisture system can bring back the original luster of your floor covering. With its restorative absorbent pad that lightly scrubs, the method will leave your floor covering looking clean and new in no time.