How Often Should I Have My Carpet Cleaned?

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Many variables determine how often a carpet should be professionally cleaned. Residential and Commercial applications may differ due to traffic and the geographic location. Deep cleaning and restorative cleaning is best performed by knowledgeable professional carpet cleaners who have the best equipment designed to safely and completely clean carpeting. Hot water extraction is an essential part of any restorative cleaning.


A home occupied by two adults, who do not smoke or have pets and have few visitors, will not need more than weekly vacuuming cycles. They should clean spills or stains when they occur. Professional cleaning, concentrating on heavier used areas 1 time every 12 to 18 months, will keep carpets manageable. Some carpet manufacturers require restorative cleaning every 2 years or depending on warranty specifications.

Homes with children or elderly adults would need twice a week vacuuming, and clean to remove spots as they occur. Deep cleaning should be performed on heavy traffic areas 1 to 2 times a year and professional restorative cleaning annually.

When pets or smoking are added to the family unit more frequent vacuuming of 2 to 4 times a week with daily spot cleaning will be needed. Deep cleaning should be performed 2 to 4 times per year with professional restorative cleaning 2 times annually.

Very large families with many pets need daily vacuuming and spot cleaning. Professional deep cleaning should be done 4 to 6 times a year with restorative cleaning at least once annually.


Traffic is the measuring device to determine how often carpets should be cleaned in businesses. Daily vacuuming is needed in all office atmospheres. Professional restorative cleaning for light traffic businesses would need 2 to 4 cleanings per year, and very heavy traffic areas would need monthly deep cleaning.

Businesses that serve or sell food, traffic with 2,000 people or more, and medical buildings require stringent cleaning cycles that are sometimes governed by company policy or EPA guidelines. All business
and commercial buildings should have a regular cleaning and maintenance programs.

Geographic Locations

Homes or businesses located in climates that have longer cold weather periods will need to increase professional cleaning procedures. Heated areas that are confined from outdoor circulation of air will breed more disease and health related bacteria and microbes. These contaminants and organisms are sheltered deep in the carpet fibers and are extremely dangerous if left alone. Professional cleaning is important for making sure pollutants and allergens are eliminated for a fresh, safe living environment.

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  1. Carpet material is rohlugy divided into two types, natural and synthetic. Each group has its own specific requirements for cleaning, which can be further specialized according to real materials. Of the two, synthetic carpet, carpet choice.Synthetic most common is the most common form of floor today. The owners and property managers to find nylon carpet, polyester and olefin more convenient because they require maintenance procedures relatively low compared to carpets made from natural materials. This type of carpet can last longer with proper care, because the materials are specifically designed to withstand heavy use and high traffic.

  2. That is right – my personal choices would be nylon in the synthetic category for it is the easiest to clean and maintain, and most trouble-free. For natural fibers I like wool best, again for cleaning ability and durability, as well as it’s naturally fire retardant, which can save on insurance costs for many commercial properties.

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