Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

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Many homes and businesses in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and the Espanola Valley have hard surface flooring. Among the most popular of these hard surfaces are tile and grout, brick, cement, marble, and stone.

Even the most expensive and beautiful tile can appear unattractive and dingy when surrounded by stained or dirty grout. Improper cleaning products and methods, foot traffic, and spills are among the main causes of unsightly floors. Keeping tile flooring clean is a big challenge. Dirt can become trapped over time, causing your flooring to appear sullied and dull.

It’s essential to have it serviced regularly by a professional contractor. They have the tools and equipment to keep your floor looking its best, whether ceramic, Saltillo, Talavera, terrazzo, terra-cotta, stone, marble, brick, or cement flooring. Several floor restoration solutions are available based on your budget and needs.

Some of the advantages of using an expert cleaning professional include moderate cost, the ability to remove grime and dirt that other methods cannot achieve, and a floor that looks refreshed and brighter. Most firms can also apply quality sealing products to protect against future staining and for easier cleaning of your tiles and grout.

The Rotovac system is a powerful tool designed to penetrate deeply into grout for a more thorough cleanup. With a combination of high pressure water and brush bristles, even the most stained floor can appear new again. Keep in mind that not only is cracking grout unsightly, when left untreated it can create significant damage to the underlayment. This can lead to needing a costly floor replacement.

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