Dust Mites and Allergens

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Dirt, dust and pollen carry allergens that make homes and businesses extremely uncomfortable for people with allergies. But a less noticed invader is prominent in every indoor space where people live. The dust mite thrives in any environment that humans occupy, and they feed on the flakes of skin people shed every day on beds and pillows, carpeting and upholstery. This eight legged creature is about the size of the head on a pin and is a frightening figure when magnified for viewing.

The allergen produced by dust mites comes from a digestive enzyme called proteases that they expel in their feces. It causes major allergic reactions and is commonly attributed to asthma. The enzyme proteases is spread more prolifically by attaching itself to dust. A single female can lay over 100 eggs and one dust mite will produce over 2,000 fecal particles over a 10 week life span. This adds up to thousands of dust mites living in a household and millions of fecal particles being distributed within a short period of time. Most of these contaminating allergens are found in mattresses, bedding, furniture and carpets. That means they are living in all the places where you walk, eat, relax, and sleep. It’s not very comforting to know that kind of filth is part of your everyday life.

Normal carpet cleaning will not completely eliminate your home or business of dust mites. Knowledgeable professional cleaning technicians use specially designed equipment and cleaning solutions that work deep into fabrics and fibers to nearly eliminate dust mites. The hot water extraction method is the industry standard for getting out dirt, eliminating stains, and ridding the area of dust mites. It utilizes a patented agitation cycle that joins a pressurized hot water solution application while powerful suction removes the debris and dust mites. This unique cleaning process is available for upholstery as well as carpet cleaning. To ensure that a home or business stays allergen-free, a periodic professional cleaning, using hot water extraction, will maintain a consistently fresh, healthy environment for family or customers.

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