Do I Really Need Stain Protection?

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If your carpet or furniture upholstery was purchased with a special stain resistant treatment, you may feel fully protected from spills. The invisible coating helps you to remove spills easily without having to worry about permanent damage. But is that protection still working right now?

Carpet and upholstery warranties are limited because stain protective coatings are removed a little at a time with traffic, wear, and each cleaning. There are certain chemical solutions that homeowners and businesses use that quickly remove dirt and stains, but these same solutions can also lessen the integrity of the stain protective treatments. Heavy traffic areas will cause protected carpet to break down its stain resistant qualities even more rapidly.

Aging carpets will also make the treatments lose effectiveness in warding off stains. The more efficient professional cleaners use agitation processes to fully clean carpets, and they will usually know what solutions will help extend the life of the stain resistance in treated carpets. Their agitation methods loosen deeply embedded dirt and allergens and can remove most stains, but the aggressive action can still decrease the stain protective qualities. A good professional cleaner will be able to identify the condition of the protective coating and can provide a reapplication treatment to help extend the life of carpets and guard against stains.

After a complete carpet cleaning, a stain treatment application will give the carpet the protection needed to repel stains like it did when it was new. All spills need to be attended to quickly in order to keep from being rubbed into the fibers, but carpets treated with stain resistant applications can help to keep liquids from being absorbed and creating permanent stains.


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