Carpet Is Your Indoor Air Filter – Keep It Clean

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Air and Floor Problems

Heat and air conditioning units have filters that draw dust and lint from the air. Unfortunately, not all the dust, dirt, and allergens that float through the air in a room are captured. They settle on your floors, and upholstery. On uncarpeted floors, these particles are blown about by the breeze of people walking about. This is dangerous to occupants who breath in those contaminants that could be carrying bacteria and disease. Carpeting traps these pollutants, making it a major filter for your home or business. They cling onto the dirt and hinder airborne tendencies, which helps in keeping the air in a room free from dust. But unlike the air unit filters, floors and upholstery can’t be periodically replaced when they become saturated with dirt, grit and tiny microbes.

Floors need vacuuming each week, and more often if traffic is heavy. But are you getting all the dirt that hides deep in the fibers? Microscopic dust mites, allergens, and bacteria are those pesky little invaders that find ways to avoid getting sucked up the vacuum tube in normal carpet cleaning. Children and the elderly are more susceptible to the effects on their health that dirty air and dirty floors pose.

To make sure a home or business is completely cleaned of health damaging contaminants, a professional cleaning should be performed periodically. Commercial equipment with extremely powerful suction devices for vacuuming cannot get all of the deep-seeded grim that lurks beneath the surface.

Complete Cleaning

Steam cleaning has been the industry standard for efficiently removing dirt from carpets. Today this is called hot water extraction. It uses spray jets that emit hot cleaning liquid deep into the fibers, while scrubbing and agitating the pile with a combined concentrated suction action. The hot water extraction system can entirely remove all the debris lying at the base of your flooring, to get a completely fresh and clean room.

Professional cleaners have the knowledge to get out those difficult stains and odors that escape the home or business owner’s efforts in daily cleaning. A regular service to deep clean your establishment will insure your carpet and upholstery keeps its clean, safe, and fresh appearance.

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