Professional Carpet Cleaning Benefits

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If you have dirty, dingy carpet, you probably wish that it looked as good as the day you bought it. However, you do not have to replace it with new carpeting to get that fresh look. The professionals can use steam cleaning to give your home the best look possible with the best results. Here are just a few of the advantages you will experience if you choose this route over others.

First, cleaning does not use the harsh chemicals that other carpet cleaning processes utilize. For the most part, it is simply hot water manipulated to do a productive job. If you shampoo the carpet or opt for buying your own cleansers, you run the risk of using damaging chemicals that may discolor your carpet, break down the fibers, or damage the padding underneath the carpet. These types of errors usually can only be reversed by paying the expensive cost of replacing the entire thing.

Experience Matters When It Comes To Carpet Cleaning

Second, professionals are far more experienced than you or any other amateur. They will know what type of techniques to use for your specific carpet and your specific damage to it. They will know what areas to focus on and what methods to use to give you the best possible result. Sometimes, those who are not as experienced in this field will do a uniform cleaning of the whole floor when there are certain high traffic areas on the carpet. The end result is the whole carpet being cleaner, but not uniformly clean. The high traffic areas will still have a different shade than those that are not used as much. The professionals will bring the whole carpet back to its original color.

The professionals at Alpine Cleaning Solutions will make sure the damage is reversed and all the mold, dirt, and toxins are safely and thoroughly removed.

This article was brought to you by Exquisite Carpet Cleaning, an Plainfield Illinois carpet cleaning company. Serving Illinois for over 20 years, Exquisite is a family-owned business that leads the region in cleaning, restoration and disaster recovery.

Very Low Moisture Upholstery Cleaning

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It is unimaginable to think of a world in which there was no upholstery. Furniture would be plain and unattractive. It would also be uncomfortable to sit on. Upholstery adds color and texture to any home or office. Upholstery however, needs to be maintained in a clean condition for it to retain its quality. Dirty upholstery soon becomes faded and worn-out.

There are various methods of upholstery cleaning. The most common are those that involve the use of a lot of water and they are perhaps popular because one does not have to be a professional to use them. Hot water extraction is highly favored because it is effective against spills that penetrate deep into the upholstery. Steam cleaning easily removes stubborn stains. These methods even though effective, have one shortcoming. They result in a long drying out time. Upholstery that is cleaned using these methods can stay damp for many hours, even days if too much water is applied, or not thoroughly extracted.

A good alternative to hot water extraction and steam cleaning is the use of very low moisture upholstery cleaning methods. These are several but they have one thing in common. They use very little water and the upholstery should be completely dry in 2 hours or less, and ready for use.

The most effective methods of low moisture upholstery cleaning engage the use of a process known as encapsulation. Encapsulation involves the application of a special cleaning compound, which dissolves the soil particles and locks them in miniature capsules that are detached from the fabric. These can then be vacuumed out as soon as the fabric is dry, or during the next regular cleaning and vacuuming. The cleaning compound used is professional and may be supplied in liquid or foam form. The process of incorporating it into the fabric requires the use of a special scrubbing machine which can be either rotary or oscillating equipment with Micro-Fiber, or other suitable pads. This is a delicate process, which should only be done by professionals who can correctly identify fibers and fabrics, to ensure the proper solution, and cleaning pads are used for each different material.

Low moisture cleaning processes have many advantages over the more conventional wet processes. The key among the advantages however, is the time saved that would have been spent waiting for the upholstery to dry before use. This is particularly useful in a business applications where time saved converts into money made. The process is a great way to maintain clean upholstery and extend the time between more aggressive hot water extraction or steam cleaning methods.

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Carpet Is Your Indoor Air Filter – Keep It Clean

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Air and Floor Problems

Heat and air conditioning units have filters that draw dust and lint from the air. Unfortunately, not all the dust, dirt, and allergens that float through the air in a room are captured. They settle on your floors, and upholstery. On uncarpeted floors, these particles are blown about by the breeze of people walking about. This is dangerous to occupants who breath in those contaminants that could be carrying bacteria and disease. Carpeting traps these pollutants, making it a major filter for your home or business. They cling onto the dirt and hinder airborne tendencies, which helps in keeping the air in a room free from dust. But unlike the air unit filters, floors and upholstery can’t be periodically replaced when they become saturated with dirt, grit and tiny microbes.

Floors need vacuuming each week, and more often if traffic is heavy. But are you getting all the dirt that hides deep in the fibers? Microscopic dust mites, allergens, and bacteria are those pesky little invaders that find ways to avoid getting sucked up the vacuum tube in normal carpet cleaning. Children and the elderly are more susceptible to the effects on their health that dirty air and dirty floors pose.

To make sure a home or business is completely cleaned of health damaging contaminants, a professional cleaning should be performed periodically. Commercial equipment with extremely powerful suction devices for vacuuming cannot get all of the deep-seeded grim that lurks beneath the surface.

Complete Cleaning

Steam cleaning has been the industry standard for efficiently removing dirt from carpets. Today this is called hot water extraction. It uses spray jets that emit hot cleaning liquid deep into the fibers, while scrubbing and agitating the pile with a combined concentrated suction action. The hot water extraction system can entirely remove all the debris lying at the base of your flooring, to get a completely fresh and clean room.

Professional cleaners have the knowledge to get out those difficult stains and odors that escape the home or business owner’s efforts in daily cleaning. A regular service to deep clean your establishment will insure your carpet and upholstery keeps its clean, safe, and fresh appearance.

Clean Environment For Productivity and Relaxation

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Does a friend’s home seem to be more appealing than yours? Are you a little ashamed for your customers to visit your business? Do you hate to go to work in your home office because it’s not as clean as it should be? All of these scenarios can place an unnecessary strain on your life. It is hard to relax at home, and at work you are not getting things done like you should. There is a simple solution to these problems that can make your life a whole lot better, and this is it:

Getting work done in a clean environment is a lot easier than being surrounded by dust, dirt, and those annoying odors. It can be embarrassing to greet customers because you know they will notice what you already realize is an unclean business area. Your home is a place to relax and recharge. It is a sanctuary to feel comfortable in and a retreat from the outside world. If it is filled with upholstered furniture and carpeting that has not been cleaned in a while, it can quickly become a place you dread to visit.

janitorial services santa feDusting and vacuuming a space that has been neglected for a while is just not enough to achieve that fresh, clean feeling and appearance. Stains and spills on carpets or upholstery can make relatively new flooring and furniture look as though they are past time for expensive replacement. But that is only scratching the surface of what may be a more dangerous problem.

Dust and dirt accumulation harbors hidden elements that can effect the health of you, your family, or your business customers. Allergens in the air settle on carpets and upholstery becoming embedded deep in the fabric and fibers. People who are susceptible will develop reactions that include sneezing, coughing, and difficulty breathing. Some have extreme reactions that are life threatening. To fully eliminate these problems, our professional carpet cleaning and upholstery service can brighten up a home or business making it a safe and enjoyable place.

Hot water extraction cleaning is the most thorough, comprehensive method to get out those embedded contaminants and stains. It incorporates pressurized hot water and compounds to agitate the dirt while using powerful suction to completely remove the debris. The knowledge of a good professional is needed to make sure the right elements and methods are used on that particular type of fabric and fiber.

It is important not to compound the problem though by cleaning areas with chemicals and products that are harmful to people and the environment. We use green cleaning methods that makes sure there are no dangers left behind after the cleaning process is finished. Upholstery and carpet cleaning using safe green cleaning methods will make any home or business a delightful environment for anyone to work or live in comfortably. A professional cleaning can bring a room back to the standards you deserve for your business or home.

Upholstery Cleaning In Santa Fe

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Even with regular care, furniture can become dingy and stained over time. This is because dirt and debris can settle deep into the upholstery’s fibers. Investing in professional upholstery cleaning is important. The right professionals can get even hard-to-read stains out and completely clean items. Steam or deep cleaning methods make furniture look new again.
Best Steam Cleaning Equipment and Experience
A vacuum can only do so much to clean a couch, chair or some other piece of furniture. Dirt, debris and allergens can get lodged deep into furniture’s upholstery. Experts have the right Hot Water Extraction (commonly Called steam cleaning) equipment to loosen up such debris from the fibers. This deep cleaning will return items to their original condition. The best part is that family members can be protected from allergens that can aggravate asthma and make breathing difficult.
Protect the Upholstery
Professionals understand how to deep clean furniture without damaging the upholstery. Such experts have experience working with a range of fabrics and types of furniture. They can even work on vintage or antique items. Thus, by calling professionals for all hot water extraction, the furniture will be protected and cleaned. Home owners will not have to worry about rough handling or tearing. Call a professional today to make the most of the steam cleaning and upholstery cleaning and Stain Protection services. Who needs to replace furniture when a deep cleaning can make them look new again? This is a chance to restore old items back to their original glory and remove harmful allergens all at the same time.

How Often Should I Have My Carpet Cleaned?

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Many variables determine how often a carpet should be professionally cleaned. Residential and Commercial applications may differ due to traffic and the geographic location. Deep cleaning and restorative cleaning is best performed by knowledgeable professional carpet cleaners who have the best equipment designed to safely and completely clean carpeting. Hot water extraction is an essential part of any restorative cleaning.


A home occupied by two adults, who do not smoke or have pets and have few visitors, will not need more than weekly vacuuming cycles. They should clean spills or stains when they occur. Professional cleaning, concentrating on heavier used areas 1 time every 12 to 18 months, will keep carpets manageable. Some carpet manufacturers require restorative cleaning every 2 years or depending on warranty specifications.

Homes with children or elderly adults would need twice a week vacuuming, and clean to remove spots as they occur. Deep cleaning should be performed on heavy traffic areas 1 to 2 times a year and professional restorative cleaning annually.

When pets or smoking are added to the family unit more frequent vacuuming of 2 to 4 times a week with daily spot cleaning will be needed. Deep cleaning should be performed 2 to 4 times per year with professional restorative cleaning 2 times annually.

Very large families with many pets need daily vacuuming and spot cleaning. Professional deep cleaning should be done 4 to 6 times a year with restorative cleaning at least once annually.


Traffic is the measuring device to determine how often carpets should be cleaned in businesses. Daily vacuuming is needed in all office atmospheres. Professional restorative cleaning for light traffic businesses would need 2 to 4 cleanings per year, and very heavy traffic areas would need monthly deep cleaning.

Businesses that serve or sell food, traffic with 2,000 people or more, and medical buildings require stringent cleaning cycles that are sometimes governed by company policy or EPA guidelines. All business
and commercial buildings should have a regular cleaning and maintenance programs.

Geographic Locations

Homes or businesses located in climates that have longer cold weather periods will need to increase professional cleaning procedures. Heated areas that are confined from outdoor circulation of air will breed more disease and health related bacteria and microbes. These contaminants and organisms are sheltered deep in the carpet fibers and are extremely dangerous if left alone. Professional cleaning is important for making sure pollutants and allergens are eliminated for a fresh, safe living environment.

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Best Carpet Cleaners In Santa Fe NM

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If you have ever steam cleaned your carpets before, you know what a time-consuming, back-breaking task this is. Furniture has to be moved off the carpeting, and the carpets will all need to be vacuumed before you can even begin cleaning the carpets. Then, you will need to deal with lugging a heavy steam cleaning device from room to room as you clean the carpets.

Alpine Cleaning Solutions is Santa Fe’s Premiere Carpet Cleaning Service.

best carpet cleaners Santa FeIt can take many hours of exhausting work to clean your carpets. Why deal with this when you can allow us to do the work for you? We will provide you with a fast, simple and entirely effective way to get the clean floor results you want for your home. Simply contact us today to schedule your in-home service.

This article was submitted by: D. Robinson at Extreme Carpet Cleaning Baton Rouge LA.


Dust Mites and Allergens

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Dirt, dust and pollen carry allergens that make homes and businesses extremely uncomfortable for people with allergies. But a less noticed invader is prominent in every indoor space where people live. The dust mite thrives in any environment that humans occupy, and they feed on the flakes of skin people shed every day on beds and pillows, carpeting and upholstery. This eight legged creature is about the size of the head on a pin and is a frightening figure when magnified for viewing.

The allergen produced by dust mites comes from a digestive enzyme called proteases that they expel in their feces. It causes major allergic reactions and is commonly attributed to asthma. The enzyme proteases is spread more prolifically by attaching itself to dust. A single female can lay over 100 eggs and one dust mite will produce over 2,000 fecal particles over a 10 week life span. This adds up to thousands of dust mites living in a household and millions of fecal particles being distributed within a short period of time. Most of these contaminating allergens are found in mattresses, bedding, furniture and carpets. That means they are living in all the places where you walk, eat, relax, and sleep. It’s not very comforting to know that kind of filth is part of your everyday life.

Normal carpet cleaning will not completely eliminate your home or business of dust mites. Knowledgeable professional cleaning technicians use specially designed equipment and cleaning solutions that work deep into fabrics and fibers to nearly eliminate dust mites. The hot water extraction method is the industry standard for getting out dirt, eliminating stains, and ridding the area of dust mites. It utilizes a patented agitation cycle that joins a pressurized hot water solution application while powerful suction removes the debris and dust mites. This unique cleaning process is available for upholstery as well as carpet cleaning. To ensure that a home or business stays allergen-free, a periodic professional cleaning, using hot water extraction, will maintain a consistently fresh, healthy environment for family or customers.

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

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Many homes and businesses in Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and the Espanola Valley have hard surface flooring. Among the most popular of these hard surfaces are tile and grout, brick, cement, marble, and stone.

Even the most expensive and beautiful tile can appear unattractive and dingy when surrounded by stained or dirty grout. Improper cleaning products and methods, foot traffic, and spills are among the main causes of unsightly floors. Keeping tile flooring clean is a big challenge. Dirt can become trapped over time, causing your flooring to appear sullied and dull.

It’s essential to have it serviced regularly by a professional contractor. They have the tools and equipment to keep your floor looking its best, whether ceramic, Saltillo, Talavera, terrazzo, terra-cotta, stone, marble, brick, or cement flooring. Several floor restoration solutions are available based on your budget and needs.

Some of the advantages of using an expert cleaning professional include moderate cost, the ability to remove grime and dirt that other methods cannot achieve, and a floor that looks refreshed and brighter. Most firms can also apply quality sealing products to protect against future staining and for easier cleaning of your tiles and grout.

The Rotovac system is a powerful tool designed to penetrate deeply into grout for a more thorough cleanup. With a combination of high pressure water and brush bristles, even the most stained floor can appear new again. Keep in mind that not only is cracking grout unsightly, when left untreated it can create significant damage to the underlayment. This can lead to needing a costly floor replacement.

Cleaning Tough Carpet Spots and Stains

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There are many causes for tough stains in carpets; spots may range from splattered paint to heavily soiled high-traffic areas. It is important to know the difference between the types of carpet stains. An ink stain needs a different treatment than a paint stain. However, when homeowners require their carpets to be cleaned or tough stains to be removed, it is most important that they consult a professional carpet-cleaning company with the ability to successfully complete the job. It is also beneficial for a homeowner to clean high-traffic areas periodically since neglected carpets can become permanently discolored and stained due to ground-in dirt.

Before the carpets can be cleaned they must first be inspected by a carpet-cleaning professional who is trained to pinpoint trouble areas and devise a carpet-cleaning plan. The professional will focus on those areas that have the highest volume of traffic. High traffic leaves behind much ground-in dirt, and the carpet fiber itself can eventually be damaged, which can make it difficult to clean the carpet thoroughly and cause a faint stain to remain. Even with the required special detail work, there may still be a faint stain discoloration. Other areas of concern for the carpet professional include additional types of tough stains that will require special cleaning treatments.

After the inspection and cleaning plan, the next step is to use a high-quality vacuum not only to remove loose, dry soils and agitate the carpet fibers, but also to get fibers that might be lying flat to stand up again so they can be more thoroughly cleaned. Once the carpet has been dry-vacuumed, the next step for the carpet technicians is to pretreat the carpet with a cleaning formula and apply a pre-spot treatment to any present stains.

These pretreatments penetrate deep into the carpet fibers to clean them throughout. The pre-spot treatment is vital for removing ink or paint stains almost completely. While a stain still might leave behind a slight shadow, carpet professionals who use pre-spot treatments are able to remove as much as 90% or more of the stain.

After the pre-spot and pretreatment formulas have been applied to the carpet and allowed time to start breaking down soils, grease, oils, food particles, and other contaminants, the next step is to again use a carpet agitation machine. This agitation helps to further penetrate the cleaning formula and pre-spot treatment into the carpet fibers and loosen any soils still bonded to the fibers. When the cleaning agents are thoroughly worked into the fibers, the chemicals are able to clean the carpet at a microscopic level. The cleaning formulas bind to dirt and stain particles so they are easily removed using a water extraction vacuum, resulting in a complete cleaning.

A hot-water extraction method is used by commercial carpet-cleaning machines to effectively force hot, steaming water into the carpet fibers to blast away dirt and tough stains while extracting the water simultaneously. This prevents unnecessary water accumulation that could result in soaking the carpet pad and promoting mold growth. The rinse water may have a pH balancing agent to help neutralize the effects of the carpet-cleaning process and to remove any detergent residue.

In the final steps the technicians review their work and post-treat tough spots or stains with an alternative stain formula if needed. Afterward, the carpets are usually groomed over to lift the fibers to speed up the drying time. Stain protection may be applied and groomed in as well. Finally, the carpet technician will recommend that the customer place drying fans as well as open windows if the weather is warm to further aid in drying the carpets.

When choosing our carpet-cleaning services, you can be sure we professionally review, pre-spot, pretreat, and effectively clean your carpets using commercial carpet-cleaning formulas and equipment. Once the job is complete, we will review our work with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied before we depart.